Important Information

To ensure the safety and well-being of both our members and teams, we are implementing all the appropriate health and safety measures in line with government regulations.

Member check-in and guests

It’s important that we know who is spending time at our Houses, so we will be collecting contact details of any guests arriving at the club. You will need to register your guests directly through the 'Invite a guest' function in the SH.APP.

During the week, members can bring up to three guests who must be registered in advance via the app. On the weekends the guest allowance is plus one, unless a dining reservation has been made.
Children are welcome in the House until 6pm. 

Children under 5 are not allowed to use any of the outdoor spaces.
The swimming pool is for adults only.
Laptop use is allowed in the Rock Room until 3pm.
Pets are not allowed in any areas of the House, except for assistance dogs.