Restaurant-worthy plating, wherever you are

Curled slices of avocado and tomatoes on toast.

Hong Kong member and food stylist, Gloria Chung, shares her expert tips for transforming home cooking into culinary art

By Gavin Yeung    Images courtesy of Gloria Chung   Tuesday 26 May, 2020   Short read

Faced with an abundance of time at home, many of us have turned to the kitchen as a sanctuary from the realities of life during a pandemic. Consequently, we’re filling social media with our cooking and baking endeavours. Yet, not all food images are created equal, as Soho House Hong Kong member Gloria Chung knows too well. Following her live food-styling session at @sohohousehongkong, the professional food stylist, writer and founder of The Props Dept shares her tips on turning the fruits of your labour into a work of table-top art.