Tips on creating the perfect reading nook

ELLE Decoration Editor, Ben Spriggs, gives a step-by-step guide on making a little hideaway at home

As told to Rachael Cooney  Images courtesy of Ben Spriggs   Wednesday 8 April, 2020   Short read 

An armchair next to a bookcase and a table with books and a lit candle on it.
Short on space to play with at home? We asked Spriggs for his tips on how to make the most of your square footage and create a comfy reading nook.
Find a corner 
‘Choose somewhere you can make a vignette – a small grouping of objects that make a pleasing focal point – to create the sense of a separate space. I’ve chosen the area in front of my bookshelves, but it might be a window seat or an unused space on your landing.’
Choose the right chair
‘If you have a small, open-plan living area, you probably won’t have room for an additional armchair, so go for a structured but comfy dining chair instead. This one has plush velvet cushions and a woven frame, so it’s somewhere you can sit for hours, but isn’t too heavy in the space.’
Position a side table nearby
‘Having everything close to hand is important when relaxing, so choose a perfectly proportioned side table to sit next to the chair and just in front of the bookcase. There’s a reason this is a design classic – marble pieces add a touch of luxury and lightness.’
Add contrasting textures
‘Boost the comfort levels by adding different textiles, textures, fabrics and patterns. This plush mohair throw softens the structured chair, while the monochrome pattern on the cushion mirrors the palette of the books on the shelves.’
Grab a cocktail and relax
‘Finally, pile up some great books and magazines on the table, light a scented candle, pour yourself a martini, sit back and unwind.’

Ben Spriggs is the Editor of Elle Decoration and writes for Soho House on interiors and design. Instagram: @mrbspriggs
A wooden chair with a cushion and a throw on it.
Two books on a table next to a cocktail and a lit candle.
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