November horoscopes: Scorpio season serves up some intense energy


In this month’s column, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan explores Scorpio’s ruling planet, Mars, which invites us to embrace the darkness and get a little kinky

Welcome to Scorpio season. It’s the witchiest, most eroticised and intense time in the zodiac calendar. Ruled by the competitive Mars, Scorpio doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but does tend to form deep and, at times, emotionally fraught bonds with others. Everyone will be feeling the impact of the Scorpio Sun for the next month – some signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn) more than others (Pisces, Cancer). Regardless of your sign, if you find yourself awake at 1am fixated on a problem at work or obsessing over which colour curtains to get for the bedroom, thank Scorpio for that. 



With the Sun lining up in your sign for the next month, your focus should be on the self, ego, and identity. Your ruling planet, Mars, transits your Self/Ego sector on 31 October, which will put pep in your step, but could also bring a harsher edge to self-assessments. Take any Mars-influenced negative self-talk with a pinch of salt, because Mars is always salty. Instead, use Sun and Mars energy to hone in on where you want to be for the next year and how to get there. A full moon on the 19th in your partnership sector could indicate the culmination of a business project or relationship. The New Moon on the 4th in your House of Ego is a great day to do something new outside your comfort zone – check out a museum, ballet, or film in a language that eludes you.


You’re one of the most extroverted signs, but Scorpio season is going to feel more reclusive for you, as your sector of secrets and the unconscious gets activated this month. Use this more inward and soul-searching transit to process feelings about work and love, rather than merely accepting how things are. Likewise, don’t resist a cosmic pull towards being solitary or even confronting uncomfortable emotions about the past. Pay special attention to the new moon on the 4th in your sector of the unconscious. New moons often begin the work of forgiveness; full moons conclude it. 


The Sun, malefic Mars and clever Mercury are all making cameos in your friend sector during Scorpio season. You’ll have energy for your BFFs (Mars), but you might get irritated or competitive with them (also Mars). The bottom line is this: make time for your crew, but curb the urge to talk too much (Mercury) or too sharply (Mars). Instead, listen. This is what friendship is about for you this month. Penetrating insights into the ups and downs of your friends’ lives will result if you let them open up. A full moon on the 19 in your sector of fun and entertainment marks a great day to have a best friend over to watch some Friends reruns.  


This month is all about your career, as the Sun and belligerent Mars activate this aspect of your chart. Volatility and workplace competition can be an issue (Mars), but you’ll also have plenty of energy to get stuff done, which could lead to some nice recognition for services rendered. Reputation and the public self are also related themes this month. With that in mind, keep it cool on the 10th and the 17th. Mars and disciplinarian Saturn square off with each other on the 10th, which could do damage to the public and private self. On the 17th, unpredictable Uranus opposes the Sun and Mars – another transit that could blow up in unexpected ways or land you a nice surprise in the work arena.



Your intuitive, watery nature blends well with Scorpio, so you may not feel a lot of its sting this season. Focus on learning, spirituality and travel, as the Sun energises this aspect of your chart all month. Scorpio brings intensity to all things, so don’t be surprised by added interest in learning about new things or fixating on your yoga poses. A yearning to travel somewhere strange could also be on the cards for you. Make those plans, because Sagittarius season is up next – and the Archer loves quests and journeys. The new moon on the 4th marks a great day to start a book on something you know little about. Remember: knowledge is the theme this month. 


Both your ruling planet, hot-headed Mars and the Sun in Scorpio will be transiting your deeply witchy sector of sex and transformation. Expect sexual tensions and release, candlelit confessions, and erotic scenes that may involve a newfound playful interest in rituals. Despite this influx of libidinal energy, you might feel a bit stymied this month. You’re all fire by nature, but you’re mired in a watery house this season. Water and fire can make for steamy interludes, indeed, but steam can also obscure clarity of vision. A new moon on the 4th in your sex sector could be a good day to explore unknown pleasures. 


This is a month that centres around your partnerships, and with emotionally intense Scorpio vibes in full effect that could mean some dust-ups with a spouse or business associate. It could also mean getting a lot of work done on a project, spending long evenings hitting hard deadlines. Because Scorpio spurns superficial chats and acquaintances, you could find yourself having late nights emotionally processing with a spouse or significant other, too. The bed will be an important location this season – for midnight talks, maybe fights, and amorous make-ups. The full moon on the 19th in your ego sector could be a day of emotional forgiveness and release. Full moons bring closure and Scorpio digs deep to find things that need to end.  


Your cosmically prescribed focus for this month is on routine. That doesn’t sound so sexy. And yet Scorpio season infuses even the most mundane slogs with a kind of libidinal frisson, so expect workout and beauty regimens to have more juice than usual. If sex has been routine, Scorpio could also be spicing that up for you, too. In the end, think of this season as adding some extra to the ordinary. Heed the new moon on the 4th in your routine sector, too. New moons are moments to approach the world in a different way. Switch something up that day – your hair, outfit, commute, or exercise. 



You are the homebody of the zodiac, but the cosmic wheel is beckoning you out of your shell this season. With your sector of fun, creativity and entertainment alight, go out on the tiles, because this area of your chart also deals with romance. A new moon on the 4th is your best day of the month to plan a date or be spontaneous and strike out alone to meet someone new. Scorpio will add libidinal energy and emotional depth to this season, too. So, while there will be pleasure, romance and fun to go around, there is also the potential for intense emotional connection with friends and paramours (Scorpio and Cancer). And don’t worry, if this all sounds a bit overwhelming, you can go back into your carapace next month when Sagittarius energises your sector of routine.


While you’re an extrovert and love being out and about, the cosmos is asking you to tend more to your home and security sector this Scorpio season. Be aware that Scorpio is a sign that feels deeply, which means you could have some emotionally fraught interludes this month. This could be especially around your father or father figures in relation to home, inheritance, lineage, and/ or the past. Lovely Venus disporting in your fun and entertainment sector until the 5th will help lighten the mood at home. This Venus transit would be a good time to have friends over. The new moon on the 4th suggests a good time to start a project related to the heart. The full moon on the 19th will be a good date to end said project. 


Last month, your ruling planet – silver-tongued Mercury – was retrograde, delaying and tampering with everyone’s emails, contracts, internet connections, and other such conveyances. You might have been feeling these delays and miscommunications more than others, sensitive as you are to Mercury’s transits. But now, the messenger planet is direct and blazing aright – and, what’s more, it is blazing aright in your sector of communication. Make up for time lost last month and attack any form of writing or speech for work or pleasure with renewed vigour. A new moon on the 4th marks a particularly fruitful day to begin something new. Turn to the blank page of your next novel, article, memo, poem, or blog post on this date. The full moon on the 19th is a good day for conclusions – set that as a deadline for whatever writing project you’re currently engaged in.


While it’s always important to think about finances, the money sector of your chart is being activated this Scorpio season, so pay close attention to your spending. Why? Reckless Mars, Scorpio’s ruling planet, will be co-present in your money house. Whenever Mars is in this placement, the threat of dissipating funds is imminent. The advice: try to stay Libra balanced with your bank balance. No splurges – indeed, these extravagant outlays will be a temptation with Mars around, especially on the 4th when a new moon could stir desires for luxe items. On the 19th, a Full Moon in your shared finances sector indicates that a debt could be repaid to you or owed to someone else. Save for that day in case it’s the latter. 

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