Meet Dan Smith, Bastille’s frontman

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Shoreditch House members and 'The ACS Show' hosts Ashton Gohil and Emmanuel Lawal sit down with the singer-songwriter at Soho Farmhouse to chat about Bastille’s hugely anticipated fourth album

Art direction by Tejumola Adenuga   Photography by Adam Fussell

‘We’re not trying to prove ourselves, we’ve done that already,’ says Dan Smith – the seasoned lead singer, primary songwriter, and founder of Bastille – in the latest episode of The ACS (AUDIOCOMINGSOON) Show. Hosts Gohil and Lawal sat down with Smith in Soho Farmhouse’s Electric Barn Cinema to catch up on what’s been a whirlwind, festival-headlining, post-pandemic summer. 

Portrait of man in vintage cinema

In the episode, Smith shares what it’s been like to take the stage after so long, the standout collaborators Bastille have worked with over the years, and the technological anxieties explored in their upcoming album.

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Portrait of man in vintage cinema
Portrait of man in vintage cinema
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