Goldie: 'You've got to leave your ego at the door'

Goldie: 'You've got to leave your ego at the door' | Soho House

As his new album is released the music icon talks Virgil Abloh's legacy, David Bowie's advice and his own reinvention

Friday 10 June 2022   By Tilly Pearman   Photography by Sophie Jones    Videography by Jonangelo Molinari and Kyle Macfadzean   Styling by Luci Ellis   Set design by Y Lan Lucas

Unexpectedly calm, I’m quick to feel at ease in the somewhat grounded presence of a man – a British music icon – who despite living on the edge of continual cultural change is starting to really feel what it’s like to live in his body. 

‘Here, give me your pen’, says Goldie, as he reaches for my notepad. He sketches out my name in bold, bubble letters. They’re simple, easy to understand, but by no means faint. The analogy he makes explains how he wants his new album, The Start Of No Regret, to be received. Yet I can’t help but see these simple forms that bulge and shape-shift to explore the empty page as an interesting metaphor for his personality and approach to life.

Goldie – born Clifford Joseph Price – is a voluble maverick with a truly unforgettable face. Those 24 gold teeth are iconic and a stark contrast to the Zen-like surroundings of our meeting space in the 180 Health Club on London’s Strand. Reclining in his chair, I’m reminded that Goldie’s image is consistent, yet his many talents have earnt him the reputation of a true renaissance man. Graffiti artist, B-Boy, 1990s jungle pioneer, drum and bass icon, actor, producer and celebrity – his skills are far-reaching and multi-faceted.