The ultimate recovery playlist

Recuperation Playlist

DJ and Soho House Mumbai member, Rishabh Joshi, curates a selection of songs to nurse that New Year’s Eve hangover

It’s the morning after the night before. You’re bleary eyed, a bit nauseous, but you signed up for the hangover when you popped open that fifth bottle of Bolli. What you need now is the aural equivalent to a comforting hug (and a Berocca). Don’t worry, Rishabh Joshi has got you covered. 

The music producer has become well known in Mumbai’s music scene for his uplifting sets. ‘For me, a recovery playlist is packed with fresh and mellow sounds, the kind that manifest a positive flow for the new day. Also, the essentials you need to hit reset after a heavy night of raging.’ Expect pick-me-up tunes by artists such as Joshi, Qrion and Boom Jinx that’ll get you recharged and ready for the day. ‘I tried to make the playlist super soft, melodic, and chill – staying true to my happy and positive sound.’

Listen to the playlist here.

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