Edward Lalrempuia's joyful nostalgia playlist

Edward Lalrempuia

The fashion stylist, creative director and Soho House Mumbai member shares his favourite tracks for dancing and happy reminiscing

By Ollie Horne

When Edward Lalrempuia isn’t consulting for fashion brands and styling clients, you can find him dancing. This playlist, curated by him, represents his top songs for a mood-lifting, foot-tapping soundtrack. Ranging from the 1980s to today, the tracks represent some of the biggest pop classics of past decades. 

‘The playlist was put together with happiness in mind,’ says Lalrempuia. ‘It has a lot to do with nostalgia; certain tracks will definitely bring back memories of the fabulous years that have gone by. Growing up, I was exposed to different genres of music and musicians, but the constant thing was the music’s ability to brighten my mood. I want to share that with everyone. Honestly, every song on this playlist is my favourite.’

Listen to the playlist here

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