The best ways to celebrate Valentine’s around the Houses

The best ways to celebrate Valentine’s around the Houses | Soho House

From rooftop cocktails to elaborate set menus and parties for singles, discover all the ways to honour, proclaim and find love this year – the Soho House way

Tuesday 31 January 2023 By Soho House

Valentine’s Day is always divisive. Whether you’re a devotee of old-school romance who can’t wait to get spoiled, single and ready to mingle, or simply not sure what all the fuss is about, at Soho House we pride ourselves on building spaces to encourage connection. Whatever you’re looking for this year – be it a friendly gathering, a party for singles or a special dinner for two – we’ve got you covered. We celebrate closeness without the cliches, so take back Valentine’s by enjoying all the events, activities and shared fun around the Houses. 

The best ways to celebrate Valentine’s around the Houses | Soho House
The best ways to celebrate Valentine’s around the Houses | Soho House

A special dinner date
Across the Houses around the world, our chefs have designed special set menus for Valentine’s Day. Not only will you have a chance to sample a carefully curated selection of dishes prepared with the best local ingredients, but it also means there’s less time staring at the menu and more time staring at each other. 

In the UK, we also have some new cocktails to try (Rum Demure is our favourite). Round off the evening by gazing at the skyline (180 House in London, Soho House Rome, Soho House Berlin and DUMBO House in New York all have excellent views). If you’re looking for something extra atmospheric, then head to Pen Yen in White City for a glamour-infused cabaret vibe, or enjoy a countryside dinner in the Log Room at Babington House.  

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Share a spa and wellness day 
There’s nothing like taking 24 hours to slow down, relax and revitalise. Book a day at your local Cowshed spa for a relaxing massage and a Soho Skin Facial, or treat someone special with the Ultimate Cowshed Manicure. Or, for those still on a health kick, work on your wellness goals together with a trip to your local Soho House gym, pool and sauna.  

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The best ways to celebrate Valentine’s around the Houses | Soho House

Rediscover intimacy
Human connection is an ever-evolving journey, and there is always more to learn. Soho House Mumbai offers a sex and intimacy workshop, The Desire Chamber, while at Soho Farmhouse we’re going deep with Sex Talks: the sex and relationship reset. 

More into handy skills? Join a secret message candle workshop at Soho House Hong Kong, 
the art of love: life drawing and live music at Shoreditch House, or a Valentine’s cocktail masterclass at White City Studio. 

Up your dating game 
Two words: speed dating. We’ve got sessions planned in Hong Kong, Berlin, Copenhagen and Rome, and a special edition for Under 27s in Barcelona. This could be your fast track to happy coupledom, or just a very fun night. 

The best ways to celebrate Valentine’s around the Houses | Soho House

Celebrate self-love 
Use this day to reconnect with yourself and carve out some time for well-deserved self-care. It could be a delicious breakfast with a view at one of our Houses, a visit to a spa, or taking a moment to reflect. Join aromatherapy for self-love at Shoreditch House, or our anti-Valentine’s Day self-love club in Tel Aviv. And did we mention Galentine’s? Soho House Hong Kong is hosting a gathering to remember. 

An impromptu romantic escape 
Feeling inspired? Why stop at just one day? Book a romantic escape in one of our Houses – it could be in your city, upstairs in your local House or in a different country. After all, it’s about creating memorable moments. 

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