What’s Next With Jeffery Miller

A man talking to the camera

The musician and Soho House New York member shares 27 of his favourite things

Seven songs on repeat
‘Euphoria’ by BTS 
‘Blind’ by Prettymuch
‘Misunderstood’ by Lucky Daye
‘You’re My Everything’ by Freddie Hubbard 
‘Sunshine’ by Stray Kids 
‘Swim Good’ by Frank Ocean
‘Marie’ by Jeffery Miller 

Six-word memoir
‘We don’t know until we try’ 

Five artists I love
Vincent van Gogh
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Hill Ggin 
Samantha Ho
Louis Armstrong

Four Instagram accounts I’m following 

Three favourite live music venues 
The Django, New York 
Smalls Jazz Club, New York
Dizzy’s Club, New York 

Two guilty pleasures 

A good romantic comedy  
My grandma’s gumbo

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