Under 27 membership benefits

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Our Under 27 benefits are now consistent across all of our Houses and Studios around the world. With this new programme, you’ll know exactly what to expect, wherever you go

U27 membership benefits


If you’re under the age of 27, you pay a lower rate for membership until your 30th birthday, and receive extra benefits such as 50% off food and drink on certain days. 


Food and drink

Take 50% off* your food and drink bill in the Houses and Studios:
• Sundays, after 4pm (until close)
• Mondays, all day
• Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 10pm until close 

*Applies to parties of up to four people only. Bill must be paid in full by the member. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Food and drink benefits are accessed via House Pay, our contactless payment system on the Soho House App.


Stay with us

Get up to 50% off Soho House bedrooms when you stay with us on Monday nights.


Cowshed Mondays

Wind down with 50% off treatments every Monday.

Discount applies to the member only, and on a maximum of two treatments per visit.


An extra year of benefits

Continue to enjoy your Under-27 food and drink, bedrooms and Cowshed benefits for an extra year until your 31st birthday.



If your application is approved before your 27th birthday, enjoy these discounts until your 31st birthday.

Stay with us

• Get 50% off Soho House bedrooms when you stay with us on Monday nights