What’s Next With Willem Sizoo

A man talking to camera and holding up a polaroid camera to screen

The photographer and Amsterdam member shares 27 of his favourite things

‘Born in The Netherlands, and raised in Mulanje, Malawi, I’ve now settled in Amsterdam. I currently spend most of my day-to-day time in my studio, Pre-Reserved [@prereserved], surrounded by other creators and artists. I work on a variety of cool projects with brands and creatives, connecting the right people and ideas for the best outcome.’

Seven lessons in life
Opening up a studio in Amsterdam, being able to see so much creativity flow within this city
Dropping out of art school
Learning to say ‘no’
Having patience
Don’t do illegal stuff abroad
You can learn from anyone

Six-word memoir
I am not defined by words

Five accounts


Four locations for work 
Galapagos, Ecuador – aka paradise, with less than 100 inhabitants and no Wi-Fi
Kalahari Desert, Namibia – the most remote location one will go to
Tokyo, Japan – I was there for a month documenting the youth culture
Paris, France – always a good idea

Three brands
CP Company
Morentz gallery

Two cameras
Instax wide – with these, I photograph everyone coming by the studio physicalising the network of creatives in and around Amsterdam
The iPhone – best camera, period

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