What’s Next With Harmony ‘Anne-Marie’ Ilunga

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The Hong Kong member, model and founder of social enterprise Harmony HK shares 27 of her favourite things

Harmony ‘Anne-Marie’ Ilunga was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, moving to Hong Kong in 2011 as a refugee. Having faced discrimination as a model of colour, she founded Harmony HK, a fashion company that spotlights local ethnic minority talents. Currently studying psychology and working as a model, Ilunga is also the cofounder of Learning Together, a Hong Kong-based organisation that runs an educational programme for asylum seekers and refugees aged 15 to 25.

Seven designers
My mother, Clarisse Akonyi Okondjo, who designs clothes made in African fabrics
The designer behind Artwomen HK, a brand that aims to empower refugee women in Hong Kong 
Rihanna for her Fenty line
Anifa Mvuemba
Claude Kameni
On-Ying and Jason Mui
Donatella Versace

Six songs
‘What’s My Name’ by Rihanna
‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna
‘Associé’ by Fally Ipupa
‘Ikea’ by Koffi Olomidé
‘Nostalgie’ by Ferre Gola feat. Heritier Watanabe  
‘If’ by Davido 

Five Congolese foods

Four places in Hong Kong
Tin Shui Wai
Tsim Sha Tsui
Lamma Island 

Three colours
Black, grey, and white

Two guilty pleasures
Rewatching The Office as soon as I finish watching it 
Sweating while working out

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