Let’s play: The immersive power of gaming

As part of our Press Play theme, we organised a virtual meet-up with Geoff Keighley, Laura Bailey, Lorne Balfe, Greg Kasavin and John Robinson to discuss the latest in gaming and interactive art

A game console

From rich story adventures to the online metaverse and virtual realities, as video games continue to grow in prominence, where does this interactive form of entertainment go next? 

Earlier in April, we invited Geoff Keighley, founder of The Game Awards, to host a panel discussion about the future of video games as a preeminent force in popular culture. He spoke to some of the gaming industry’s most influential voices, including actress Laura Bailey, who received the Best Performance award at The Game Awards for her performance as Abby in The Last Of Us Part II, and composer Lorne Balfe, who created scores for Dunkirk and Mission: Impossible. They were joined by Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games (the creators of BAFTA Games Awards and GOTY-winning game Hades), and John Robinson, the president and COO of 100 Thieves, a gaming organisation backed by Drake. 

The panel talked about the growing convergence between games and more traditional forms of storytelling, and how entertainment and gaming will continue to intersect. For that, and more about where the gaming industry is headed, plus the biggest opportunities for creative talent to get involved in gaming, watch the video. 



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