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This spring, as parts of the world start to reopen, we welcome back the joy of creativity in all its forms

From dabbling in virtual realities to rediscovering the rituals of dressing up, we explore the many ways we can return to simple pleasures. We chat to transmedia artist Ryoji Ikeda about his upcoming exhibition at 180 The Strand, spend a day at the cinema with Olivia Cooke, experiment with mushroom tea with Dirtea, and connect with writer Glynn Pogue over a game of Uno. Elsewhere, we learn about the latest innovations in sex tech, before wrapping up the month with live discussions on the latest in VR and immersive entertainment with BAFTA Games, 100 Thieves, Magic Leap and more.
A woman in a cinema looking up at the screen eating popcorn

Press Play with Olivia Cooke

We meet the ‘Sound Of Metal’ actor at Electric Cinema in Notting Hill for a chat ahead of the Oscars. She gives us the lowdown on solo cinema trips, returning to the dance floor, and maintaining a healthy sense of the absurd

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From the Zs to the Os: How tech shows up in the bedroom

The Head of Innovation at Wunderman Thompson, Emma Chiu, explores how technology and sex toys influence our bedroom behaviors and encourage us to always press play 
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Introducing our new podcast: How To Be An Artist

Join some of the world’s most influential contemporary artists whose artworks are on display throughout our Houses globally – including Idris Khan, Xaviera Simmons, and Drift. Host Kate Bryan, Soho House’s Global Head of Collections, asks guests what it means to be an artist especially today. New episodes go live every Wednesday

A stack of Uno cards

Uno: revisiting the childhood staple card game

Glynn Pogue, DUMBO House member, writer and co-host of the ‘Black Girls Texting’ podcast, explores her newfound passion for Uno and its divisive rules in this tongue-in-cheek piece
Still from a Ryoji Ikeda artwork

Ryoji Ikeda: A multisensory exploration of light and sound

We speak to the visionary Japanese artist about his mind-bending installations, including the immersive ‘data-verse’ trilogy, ahead of his major exhibition at 180 The Strand in May

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Harpies: Sexual fantasies from IRL to online, and back again

The founder and performers of Europe’s first LGBTQ+ strip club, Harpies, discuss virtual stripping, constructing stage personas, and trans visibility
A car covered in a multi coloured quilt

From print to VR: Priya Ahluwalia’s new virtual show

We chat to the designer and artist about her 3D virtual exhibition based on her latest book, ‘Jalebi’. Experience the show while listening to Ahluwalia describe the intricacies of bringing virtual and real experiences together

A colourful illustration of two people embracing with masks on

Horoscope: The Zodiac Dispatch

Read April’s horoscope to find out how the party planets are helping us step into a joyful spring this month

A photograph of mushrooms

An ode to fungi: the fun of cooking, drinking and eating mushrooms

Move over CBD. Mushrooms are having a moment – and they’re probably here to stay. For more on the topic, we hear from the founders of Dirtea, while food writer Anastasia Miari explores the trend further 
A man wearing a VR headset on a tennis court

Let’s play: What’s new in tech, art, and entertainment

From gaming to VR, we hear from leading creatives about how technology has pushed creativity forward, and is now influencing the way we communicate, connect, and entertain. Taking place live in Miami and available virtually.

A phone with a picture of an avatar

Getting Drest: A peek into Lucy Yeomans’ new virtual world

We chat to the former Porter editor-in-chief about her new venture and why now is the best time for tech, gaming and fashion to merge