Black History Month

As the US, Canada and parts of Europe mark Black History Month in February, we’re honouring #BlackImagination as a celebration of Black creativity and its influence on the wider world

The power of Black creativity is derived from its rich histories that have shaped present and future innovations. This month, we celebrate the thinkers, creatives, activists, and voices of #BlackImagination. 
We speak to actor John David Washington about his personal heroes, Paul Octavious of Black Archivist highlights the importance of documenting the present, and writer Lola Adesioye shares thoughts on Black art as activism through the years. We also team up with musicians Carl Craig, Juan Atkins and Norman Jay to celebrate Black music from around the world. 
A skyscape with half a man's face

Video: John David Washington on his personal histories

We talk to the Malcolm & Marie actor about the people from his life who were key to shaping who he is today

A black and white photo of a protest

Commentary: Lola Adesioye on the history of activism through art

The New York-based writer, broadcaster and commentator explores the importance of Black artistic activism and traces key moments in history