Member check-in and guests

It’s important that we know who is spending time at our Houses, so you will need to register your guests directly through the ‘Invite a Guest’ function in the SH.APP.

House guests:
A Soho House member: allowed up to three guests to join at Roc House that do not have a Soho Friends membership
A Soho Friend member: allowed up to one guest to join at Roc House that does not have a Soho Friends membership

Restaurant reservation:
Must be made by Every House member and is allowed to bring up to three guests that do not have a Soho Friends membership

Pool area:
The pool is a members-only area
Members can invite up to one guest to the lower deck sunloungers

Children count as your plus-one unless they have child membership. Children must be accompanied by a member at all times

Children are allowed into the House until 7PM

Children are allowed to use the pool until 12PM under adult supervision

Children cannot bring guests

Restaurant reservations are now available via the SH.APP for tables of up to six people.

House Guests can book a restaurant reservation at Roc House and bring up to 3 non members

Reopening spring 2023 

Our Houses are designed to be social spaces, but we understand that at times you may need to send a couple of emails or share a presentation with your guest. 

Restaurant until 6PM
Lobby until 8PM
Pool and decks 12PM

Special offers

Get 50% off food and drink on the following days:

Sundays: from 5pm until midnight
Mondays: all day

This applies to parties of up to four people.