Soho House Mexico City

Important information

Laptops can be used in the Courtyard, Study, Library, Salon, Tequila Bar, Music Rooms and Lounge spaces.

Video calls can be taken on the right-hand side of the Courtyard or the second floor of the Tequila Bar until 6pm.
Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday: 9am to 11pm

Sunbeds cannot be pre-booked and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
Child members must be accompanied by parent members. They are permitted in the House from Monday to Wednesday until 1pm, and from Thursday to Sunday until 3pm. 

Children must have a Child membership to use the pool at Soho House Mexico City. 

Pool hours for child members: 

Monday to Wednesday: 8am to 1pm 
Thursday to Sunday: 8am to 11am