Soho House Copenhagen

Member check-in and guests

Members can invite up to three guests for walk-ins at the club and at Cecconi's, and up to five if they book a table when available.
Children aged one to 18 count as your plus-one, and are welcome in the House until 6pm. 

Restaurant reservations are available via the SH.APP for tables of up to four people.

Pets are not allowed in any areas of the House, except for assistance dogs.

Facilities and opening times

Monday to Wednesday: 9am to 12am
Thursday: 9am to 1am
Friday and Saturday: 9am to 2am
Sunday: 9am to 11pm
Monday and Tuesday: closed
Wednesday to Friday: 6pm to 12pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12pm to 12am 
The lifts can be used with a maximum capacity of six people.
You can view and book all events through the SH.APP.
Laptops are permitted in the Drawing Room and Harbour Room until 6pm.
They can temporarily be stored, depending on availability and size.