Twenty-four hours in Nashville: Your guide to Music City

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Soho House Nashville's Head of Membership & Communications Hunter Claire Rogers and photographer Keren Treviño spend a day exploring the art galleries and food scene

By Hunter Claire Rogers   Photography by Keren Treviño

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'Not only is Nashville a music city, it’s also great for eating and drinking. If you come and visit, I suggest you prepare to do both, with gusto'

9am: breakfast

I can’t start my day without breakfast and actually have time for more than a quick bite, so I head to Cafe Roze. Everything on the menu is good, which makes it hard to choose, but today I’m going with the egg bowl and coconut yogurt. 

10.30am: spa moment

Next, I make my way straight to Holiday Salon & Bathhouse for some self-care and a relaxing hour at their Finnish-inspired space. The Himalayan salt sauna and large soaking pool are exactly what you need to start (or end) your day. Today, I don’t have time for any additional treatments, but don’t pass up their facials and massages.
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12.30pm: shopping

After a quick shower, I drive to the west side of town to visit Modiste to pick up a purse for the evening. This new luxury boutique is a go-to for interesting and innovative womenswear designers. If it was a Saturday or Sunday, I’d also be hitting up Be Good Market or Vintage Social Club for a vintage piece to add to my collection.

1pm: coffee

I can always use another cup of coffee, no matter what time of day it is. So, after picking up a few things at Modiste, I make sure to stop by Tempo, a family-owned Nolensville Pike coffee shop. I can never say no to a Tempo taco (or a dirty horchata). 

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2pm: Prince’s Hot Chicken

If you’re from Nashville, you eat hot chicken and you go to its birthplace – Prince’s. I suggest trying the ‘mild’ flavour first if you haven’t had it before. I stopped by for lunch and we ran into Ms Andre Prince Jeffries, the matriarch in charge. Make sure you check out their location at Fifth + Broadway (and hit up the National Museum of African American Music while you’re at it).

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3pm: gallery tours

Nashville has an amazing gallery community, and one of my favourite arts neighbourhoods is Wedgewood-Houston. So, after lunch, I head to Zeitgeist Gallery and Julia Martin Gallery to check out their new exhibitions. There are more than 12 galleries in the neighbourhood – all walkable and all must-sees.

5pm: nachos

Bastion is a no-brainer post-gallery visits and I’m a little peckish (how, I don’t know), so I walk over there for one of their great cocktails and some nachos. Never skip the nachos, that’s a rule.

'Don’t be intimidated that most people in Nashville can actually sing (I’m definitely not one of them); all are welcome'

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7.30pm: dinner at Lou

Lou has some of the best food in Nashville, hands down. This unassuming gem of a place, tucked away in a house in east Nashville, has the best selection of natural wine and flavour combinations in the city. We get a bottle to go with our perfect summer dinner. Always make sure you grab dessert, too.

9pm: Cë Gallery

Cë Gallery is the place to see and be seen, be it for an art show, concert, exhibition, and anything in between. Owner Clarence Edward is changing the gallery scene and tonight I pop by for Sound + Soul, a weekly series focused on holistic healing followed by neosoul music.
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10pm: drinks

Who doesn’t love a novelty tiki bar? After the Cë Gallery event, I head straight to Chopper Tiki for a tiki drink, heavy on the rum.

12am: karaoke

After a couple of cocktails, I swing by Lipstick Lounge, a Nashville institution and one of only 21 lesbian bars left in the US. I grab a (strong) drink at the bar and belt my heart out. Don’t be intimidated that most people in Nashville can actually sing (I’m definitely not one of them); all are welcome.

1.30am: Dino’s

After all that I need something to line my stomach, so I make my way to Dino’s on the way home for their famous cheeseburger and animal fries to round out the night.

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