Roundtable talk with Tom Moutchi

Tom Moutchi at Soho Works

Actor and writer Tom Moutchi from Peckham in London meets his younger selves from 2014, 2016, and 2020. Here, he reflects on past anxieties, the struggles he experienced trying to break into the entertainment industry, and his achievements

Video by FMLY CRTV Photography by Ola Aworetan Production by Evans Frempah Styling by Shaquille R Williams & Lucy Johansson

Tom Moutchi is an actor, writer and producer, who made his debut on the scene in 2012 with his topical and comedic Vines and YouTube videos. After attracting attention from the entertainment industry, he made his foray into the world of film and TV, securing roles in comedy and drama series, as well as developing his own original shows.

Moutchi was part of the successful and vibrant theatre production, Barber Shop Chronicles, which toured in the UK and New York. He’s also starred as the lead in the BBC Three hit series, FAMALAM, since 2018, spawning the beloved viral song, ‘Drillogram’ by Drilly T. And in 2019, he had a role in MGM’s The Hustle with Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. 
Most recently, Moutchi can be seen in Drunk History: Black Stories on Comedy Central – a popular series that spotlights Black icons and their cultural influence. In 2021, he starred in the BBC Three series, PRU, season two of Temple on Sky, and the highly anticipated TV adaptation, Superhoe.

In an exclusive video for Soho House, the actor looks back on his fruitful career and beyond, and reflects on the challenges that he faced on his rise to success.

Headshot of Tom Moutchi at 180 Strand stood by the window so there is soft light on the left hand side of his face and shadow on the right. He is looking towards the floor and wearing GUCCI sunglasses
Wide angle shot of Tom Moutchi sat in the corner of a big orange sofa at 180 Strand. There are a row of big windows behind him and he is wearing a pink suit
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