Twenty-four hours in Berlin

A man cycling down a city street.
A building on a crossroads.

Travel with member and Berlin Photo Week cofounder Gen Sadakane as he bikes over the street art-filled Jannowitz Bridge, takes in the Conny Maier exhibition at König Gallery and sips champagne in Volkspark Friedrichshain

Gen Sadakane stayed in room 64 at Soho House Berlin

People in a market.
Bicycles next to a picnic hamper.
Salad on a plate.
A balcony in a city.
Graffiti of hands.
Above, clockwise from top left: outdoor food stalls; our picnic lunch at Volkspark Friedrichshain; a striking mural by Frankfurt-based artist, CASE Maclaim; the view from the Soho House Berlin rooftop; a burrata salad we packed from the House

'König Gallery in Kreuzberg is one of my favourite buildings in the city. It used to be a church and has these amazing high ceilings'

12pm: check in

We check in at midday and take some pictures of our room. I’d actually never stayed at Soho House Berlin before – I mostly use it to meet friends and have meetings. The design here is timeless, and our room has a special flair and ambiance. I can’t wait to take a bath in the huge tub.

2pm: cycling around the city

We rent some bikes from the House for the afternoon; there is so much to see at street level, it really is the best way to take in the city. We head over to Kreuzberg and check out the graffiti on the Jannowitz Bridge along the way, and see the ‘Unter der Hand’ photorealist mural by CASE Maclaim.

3pm: König Gallery

Gallery time. König Gallery in Kreuzberg is one of my favourite buildings in the city. It used to be a church and has these amazing high ceilings. It always has great exhibitions, too. Today, we see a show by Elmgreen & Dragset, as well as works by Conny Maier.

5pm: back to the House

Biking back, we pass the Katerholzig that's close to the river, and enjoy a few beers.

6pm: happy hour on the Roof

After arriving back at the House, we head up to the rooftop to enjoy the sun, while we snack on some starters and miso pimientos — super yummy.
A view over a city on a sunny day.

Overlooking Volkspark Friedrichshain

A bed reflected in a mirror.

Our bedroom at Soho House Berlin

8pm: dinner

For dinner, we go down to the seventh floor and eat while discussing our next projects.

9pm: evening stroll

Following dinner, we take a short walk to the St. Marien und St. Nikolai-Friedhof cemetery. It’s close to the House, and it’s a great place to go when you need a silent, peaceful space.

10pm: switching off

To wind down from the day, I finally take a bath. It's as relaxing as I hoped it would be. Afterwards, I hop into bed and watch Netflix before drifting off to sleep.
Room service on a tray on a bed.
A large mirrorball hanging on a structure outside.
Next to a river running through a city.
Top: eggs and avocado on toast for breakfast; the outdoor disco ball at Katerholzig
Above: heading over the water on our afternoon ride.
Below: sunset on the rooftop; a snapshot from our room; my favourite piece from the Conny Maier exhibition at König Gallery.
A roof terrace with seating.
An interior with curtains and a chair.
A painting on a wall.

8am: morning run

I start the day with an early run through the neighbourhood, admiring the local architecture, street art and the Märchenbrunnen fountain along the way. I also discover another graveyard, the Kirchhof I. Evangelical Georgen Parochialgemeinde, which is filled with beautiful marble structures.

9am: breakfast

I enjoy a nice shower and order room service for breakfast, with avocado toast and eggs, accompanied by some fresh juice.

11am: rooftop meetings

We head up to the Roof again to get some sun while chatting with friends about business.

2pm: picnic lunch

In the afternoon, we pick up a picnic lunch, kindly made for us by the House, and head to Volkspark Friedrichshain on our bikes. After finding a nice spot in the sun, we sit down in the grass to enjoy fruit, salads, meatballs and champagne.

4pm: checkout

It’s time to head home. We had a great time, and are sad to leave our relaxing staycation bubble.


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