Twenty-four hours in Amsterdam

A person cycling past a building.
A hand holding a glass of champagne in the bath.

Photographer Kwabena Appiah-nti and his girlfriend Shunyata Ossewaarde flip through vinyl at ZAP Records and clothes rails at Daily Paper on a trip around their hometown

Kwabena and Shunyata stayed in room 23 at Soho House Amsterdam.

Magazines on an outdoor rack.
A woman in a bath.
Breakfast on a tray.
A bicycle outside a brutalist building.
A woman looking at artworks in a gallery.
Above, clockwise from top left: magazines at Anthenaeum – one of our favourite bookshops in the city; enjoying a bath; taking in Michael Raedecker's new exhibition at GRIMM gallery; outside Soho House Amsterdam; breakfast in bed

'The sun is only just starting to go down and the streets are quiet - it's amazing to experience Amsterdam this way'

Over 24 hours, portrait photographer Kwabena Appiah-nti and his girlfriend Shunyata Ossewaarde spent some time reconnecting with their home city. Using Soho House Amsterdam as their base, the two give a glimpse into a few of their favourite moments: 'The sun is only just starting to go down and the streets are quiet – it's amazing to experience Amsterdam this way.'

2pm: window-shopping

Prior to checking in, there are more than enough stores in the area to keep us busy. We visit ZAP records, which is filled to the brim with vinyl. We also walk past the Athenaeum book and magazine store to see what's new. On our way there, we can't help but stop by Hay too, for some interiors inspiration and cute candles for when we're back home.

3pm: check in

The room is so spacious and beautiful, so first things first: picture time. We connect our phones to the speaker to create a little vibe.

4pm: wine and a bath

Since staycations are all about relaxing and unwinding, we take a bath while drinking some wine. Pro tip: turn the TV a little bit so you can watch a movie or series straight from the bath tub.

6pm: evening movie

Amsterdam weather can be pretty unpredictable, but luckily the House has a lot to offer. We head up to the cinema to enjoy an evening movie.

7.30pm: dinner at Cecconi’s

Instead of sourcing the rainy city for a place to eat, we head down to dinner at Cecconi's.

9pm: canal stroll

After eating zucchini fries, a pizza and lobster pasta (while enjoying an Amalfi Sour), we're completely stuffed. The weather has cleared up, so we decide to walk it off along the canals.
A woman sitting in a chair in a bathrobe.

After a bath, we mixed our own cocktails in the room

A flower stall.

We came across this lovely florist under the Westertoren on one of our canal strolls

10pm: taking in the sunset

The sun is only just starting to go down and the streets are quiet – it's amazing to experience Amsterdam this way. We eventually finish our walk and go back to the room.

11pm: bedtime

Some quality time without our phones. Tomorrow will be a day full of activities, so we go to sleep early.

Good morning.


9am: breakfast in bed

We order some pancakes, fresh juice and coffee from room service and eat it in our Soho House bathrobes. If only every morning could be like this.


11am: retail therapy

Ready to hit the town. First stop: the atelier of 1/OFF Paris, a fashion label that transforms high-end classics into unique contemporary designs.
A woman sitting in a dark cinema.
Room service on a tray on a bed.
A statue in a green park.
Top: we took in an early evening movie in the screening room; our delicious breakfast.
Above: a moment in the sun at Vondelpark.
Below: the vinyl collection at ZAP Records; mixing our own cocktails in the room; pure relaxation in the spa.
Poster on a wall as seen through a window.
Someone mixing a cocktail.
A woman sitting on a treatment chair in a beauty salon.

1pm: ice cream in the park

We have some time off between our next appointment, so we decide to get some ice cream and have a short stroll through the beautiful Vondelpark.

3pm: local designers

On our way back from the Vondelpark, we visit two neighbourhood favourites: clothing stores Daily Paper and Olaf Hussein.

4pm: museum Quarter

We arrive at GRIMM gallery to attend the opening of its amazing new exhibition. The gallery is situated in the middle of the Museum Quarter. So, if you can't get enough of art, it's only a short walk to other museums like the Stedelijk, Van Gogh, Moco and Rijksmuseum.

6pm: cocktail hour

Before dinner, we join some friends for drinks on the Soho House rooftop.

8pm: fast food and champagne

As our staycation adventure is almost over, we decide to get some typical Amsterdam fast food at FEBO and eat it in our room. To stay classy, we decide to accompany it with some champagne and cocktails we created ourselves.

10pm: a moment to unwind

Running a bath for the last time and watching a Disney movie. It's been a busy day, but we're happy that we get to rest our heads again in the huge bed with what seems like a thousand pillows.

12am: hit the hay

Goodnight, tomorrow is checkout time.


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