Please contact membership@sohohouse.com to discuss your options


To ensure the speediest entry into the Houses, it's always best to have your card on you. Your membership card is also available on the app, and can be shown to reception from your phone. Please note, we will always require your membership card for Under 27 discounts.
Please email membership@sohohouse.com to request a replacement card
Your membership starts when the welcome email is sent to you. Unfortunately, it's not possible to pick a start date.
Access to our gyms, spa areas and pools can vary. Please visit the individual houses to find out more.
Unfortunately not. Membership is just for you, but if they would like to become a member, please apply here.

Your membership renews automatically on an annual rolling basis, subject to Soho House terms and conditions. If you need to update your membership payment method, please log into sohohouse.com and you can make this change under “Your membership”

If you have friends or family who would like to apply for membership, they can add your name and email address to the application form. We'll be in touch to confirm we have received their application.
Yes, please contact membership@sohohouse.com and the team will be able to help you

You can update your membership payment in your account, just log-in at Sohohouse.com

Unfortunately, we only allow legally recognised service dogs inside the Houses

If you'd like to visit another House, please speak to your membership manager in advance of your visit and they'll try to accommodate you. If you would like to upgrade to Every House membership, please email membership@sohohouse.com.

Some Houses offer a car-valet service and most have bike parking – just give the House a call to find out what's available. Please note, parking is always on a first-come, first-served basis.
If you would like to visit Little Beach House Malibu, please speak to your membership manager in advance and they will try to accommodate you. You can apply for Malibu Plus membership.
We'll ask your guests to wait for you in reception if they arrive before you
Members are allowed to bring three guests with them to the Houses at any time, and we'll try our best to help if you'd like to bring more. Please call the House before you arrive to arrange.
Yes, but please ensure they're collected right away. Soho House does not accept any liability for anything delivered to the Houses on behalf of members.
Please get in touch with your local membership team to find out the different ways you can pay. We offer different options at each House, depending on the region.
Please speak to your local House – our team there will put you in touch with the relevant events manager

You will find all the options available under Stay With Us or on the members' app
You can find all the information you need about event spaces available for hire at sohohouse.com/event-spaces
Each House has different reservation options, from private dining rooms to tables in the restaurants. Unfortunately, we don't take bookings for drinks. Please call the House or visit individual House pages for more information.

You are able to sync the app to your smartphone calendar. So, if you book an event, a screening, a gym class or a bedroom, your booking will automatically show up in your calendar.

• All screenings at our UK and European Houses are subject to a redeemable fee of £5/5€ per attendee (£3/3€ per attendee for a family screening). This is to make sure that each screening is as full as possible.

• This fee will then be redeemable at the cinema bar or the allocated bar in your respective club on the day of the screening when members present their booking confirmation email.

• Screenings go live for booking at midday, one week before the screening date. This has been reduced from the previous two-week booking period in order to give members greater control over their diaries.

• From the point of release, there will be a 24-hour period to register for the screening lottery.

• When registering for the lottery, members will be asked to confirm their payment information. This can be the account registered with their membership, or another account. No money is taken at this point.

• Once you’ve registered, you will be notified via email that you are in the lottery.

• At the end of the 24-hour period, the lottery randomly allocates members to the guest list. Allocated members will be notified by email and a fee of £5/5€ per attendee (£3/3€ per attendee for family screenings) will be taken from their registered payment account. Those members who don’t receive a guest list place will not be charged.

• The waiting list for screenings will be capped at a size that corresponds to the room’s capacity. This is to provide greater clarity about available places for each screening.
After the guest list has been determined, a second lottery randomly selects members to be allocated waiting list places, up to the cap.

• Members who receive a waiting list place will be notified by email. No funds will be taken from members on the waiting list.

• If you no longer wish to attend the screening, simply cancel your booking up to 24 hours before the screening and any fees paid will be refunded to your account. Cancellations can be made via the Soho House app or the members’ website.

• Up to 24 hours before a screening, if a member on the guest list cancels their place, a member on the waiting list will be automatically promoted to the guest list. The promoted member will be notified by email and £5/5€ per attendee will be taken from their account.

• The waiting list expires 24 hours before the screening. This is to ensure members are not promoted to the guest list and charged without sufficient time to cancel.

• The guest list closes four hours before the screening starts. Any members who cancel after this period will not be reimbursed their £5/5€ fee.

• At the screening, after members have registered their attendance, they will be able to claim their fee back with the drink offered from the cinema bar or club bar depending on the location by showing their booking confirmation email.

• If you have any issues with the screenings booking process, please send us an email at screenings@sohohouse.com.


- Screenings go live at noon, two weeks before the screening date


- From the point of release, there will be a 24-hour period to register for the Screening Lottery. This is designed to alleviate a rush to request seats.


- Once you've registered, you will be notified online and via email that you are in the lottery. This new part of the process will increase the possibility of members securing a seat.


- At the end of the 24-hour period, we will randomly allocate seats for the screening


- Once the lottery has been drawn, members allocated a guest-list spot will be informed by email


- Those who don't receive a place on the guest list will automatically receive a place on the waiting list. The waiting list will comprise all members who registered their interest, but were unsuccessful in the draw.


- As with the existing process, emails will be sent to all members on the guest list 48 hours ahead of the screening asking them to confirm or cancel their seat. If a member does not respond to this email within 24 hours of receiving it, we will presume you don’t want to come and your place will be cancelled from the guest list.


- If a guest-list spot is cancelled, a member on the waiting list will be promoted. You will be notified by email if this is the case.


- If you have any issues with the Screening Lottery process, please drop us an email at screenings@sohohouse.com


- Four hours before each screening is held, we will close the waiting list and confirm all places. If you haven't been notified by this time, it means the screening is now full.

In your Account section, you can pre-select your favourite Houses to curate content. When browsing through the events, screenings and gym classes, use the filters to select date and category.
You may bring one guest with you to a screening. The number of guests you can bring to all other events varies, so check the individual listing page for details. Please also note that you need to book a place for everyone attending any event at the Houses, including yourself.
You can cancel an event from the event page or within the app's My Bookings section. Member events must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the start time. Screenings must be cancelled at least four hours in advance. If you are attempting to cancel after the cancellation window has expired, the cancel option will not be displayed within the event details and you will need to phone the House directly.

The gym, steam room and sauna are open to members and hotel guests only, unless otherwise stated by the House
Unfortunately, you can't bring your own personal trainer to the gyms. However, all Soho Active venues offer personal-training sessions. Please visit the individual House pages to find out more.

You can cancel a class from the event page or within the app's My Bookings section. Gym and House Ride classes must be cancelled at least four hours in advance. If you are attempting to cancel after the cancellation window has expired, the cancel option will not be displayed within the event details and you will need to phone the House directly.

To receive a refund, paid-for gym classes and House Ride sessions must be cancelled at least four hours in advance within the app's My Bookings section, on the event page, or by calling the House direct.

Once the cancellation window has expired, you will only be able to cancel your place by calling your local House directly. You won't be able to cancel via the app or online.

Refunds will only be processed when cancellation is triggered ahead of, or within, the cancellation window, which is four hours before the gym/House Ride class.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

Free gym/House Ride classes must be cancelled at least four hours in advance. You can do this via the My Bookings section on the app or by calling the House.

Once the cancellation window has expired, you can only cancel your class by calling your local House directly – you won't be able to cancel via the app.

One month notice is required for any changes to the Soho Active memberships.

We do offer Child membership at some of our Houses. Find out more here.
The child member is part of an adult member's guest list. Unfortunately, having a Child membership doesn’t mean they can have their own guests, though. 
Much like adult applications, there is a waiting list for Child membership. Applications are reviewed at committee meetings and issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
We do our best to prioritise siblings who are applying to join existing family members. However, this isn't always possible.
Child membership renews automatically, just like adult membership. Payment is also due annually.
Yes, newborn babies are always welcome at our Houses
Children should always be supervised by a parent or guardian member unless they are left in child-minding facilities. However, the member must remain in the House.
Children need a Child membership to visit Teeny Barn and swim in the pool

You can find all of the monthly benefits in your account on web and on the app
Please contact partnerships@sohohouse.com and provide more information about your brand


To update personal information, such as your address, please get in touch with us using the contact form. If you wish to update your email or phone number, you can do this within the profile section on your account or on the SH.APP.

Get in touch using the contact form
You can get in touch with our support team by submitting a query through the contact form

House Connect is a feature on the Soho House members app that allows members to connect through video calls. Our aim is to make it easier for you to meet and connect with other like-minded people across the globe through our digital offerings.
You can book through the Connect screen in the Soho House members app. Up to two calls can be booked in one go; there will be availability for today and tomorrow. You will need to enable access to your camera and microphone to use House Connect.
 If we are unable to book you onto a House Connect call at your preferred time, we will send you a push notification 15 minutes prior to the booked slot. You will be able to reschedule another call in the Connect screen in the app. Make sure you have enabled notifications in your app settings to ensure you receive reminders about House Connect. 
If you cannot make the scheduled call anymore, tap on the call you would like to cancel and select "Cancel video call".
Fifteen minutes before a call, you will receive a push notification as a reminder. At the start time, you can access the call either by tapping on the notification, or tapping on the Join Call banner on the Connect screen.
Yes, you can leave the call early using the controls on the screen.
At the end of a call, you will be prompted to rate the call. Please take some time to provide feedback – it will help us improve House Connect.
During the call, if you believe something went against our House Rules and guidelines, you can use the Report functionality on the screen. This will open a separate pop-up where you can send a message to our team. We will follow up with you and take necessary action.
At the end of the call, you will be prompted to share your contacts with the participants. You can select who you would like to remain in contact with. Only the people you have shared your contacts with will be able to see your profile. You can edit the information you share by editing your profile in the Account section of the mobile app.
No, we do not record any House Connect calls. Our third-party provider collects cookies to help track usage behaviour; you can see more details on our Cookie Policy page: https://www.sohohouse.com/terms-and-policies/cookie-policy. Your personal data available on the mobile app is covered by our Privacy Policy: https://www.sohohouse.com/terms-and-policies/privacy-policy

House Pay is a feature within the Soho House app to provide members with the ability to pay for food and drink within our Houses. Our aim is to build stronger connections with our members and incorporate frictionless payments as part of your Soho House membership and experience.

1. Open your Soho House app. There will be an in-app notification banner asking you to ‘Get Started, Start using House Pay now’
2. You will be asked to accept the House Pay T&Cs.
3. Then asked to add the NFC Soho House Membership Card to your Apple Wallet
4. You will then be asked to add a credit or debit card as your default payment method.
5. You are ready to go.

House Pay will be coming to a House near you through 2020

You can pay for any food and drink that you order in the Soho Houses.

Once rolled-out you will be able to use it across all Soho Houses apart from Soho House Mumbai, Istanbul, Toronto and Little Beach House Barcelona.

House Pay is an in-app functionality, so you need your phone to open, view and pay your bill.

If you fail to pay your bill, we will settle it using the default payment method on file.
You will then receive a notification confirming that your bill is now closed and receive an e-receipt in the Soho House app.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Yes, you will be able to see your credit balance and can use it to pay for food and drink in the Houses with House Pay. House Pay will not be available at Soho House Istanbul, Soho House Toronto, Little Beach House Barcelona or Soho House Mumbai as part of the initial roll-out. However, we hope to have it available in these Houses in the near future.
For more information, please see the House Credits FAQ Membership credit

When you want to pay, please tell your waiter that you would like to split your bill.
The waiter will take your guest’s/guests’ split of the bill first and then take those amounts off your bill. They will then prompt you to settle the balance of your bill in the app with House Pay.
As the member who opened the bill in your app, you must be the one to settle it.
We are working hard to allow members to split the bill with friends and family through House Pay in the app.

We suggest that you double-check your bill before you pay. If you have any problems, please query it with your waiter. Once your payment is processed through the app, contact the House directly if you have any further queries. (See below for more info)
If you have made a payment using House Pay and need a refund, the refund will be made back to your physical card or via a card over the phone.

Contact the House directly once your payment is processed. Click here for the directory, information and details of the Houses.

Your receipts are stored in the Receipts section in the Account section on your Soho House app. You will be able to send yourself a pdf copy of the receipt to your email. If you require a physical receipt for expenses, please ask your waiter to print you a receipt.

You need to order through a member of staff, but you will see all your items once your House Pay tab is open. You need to refresh your bill in the app to see the items appear.

Yes, you can use your physical card. However, we recommend presenting your Soho House digital membership, which is stored in your Apple Wallet on your iPhone, to open a tab.

House Pay is only available on Apple iPhones for now.