The Soho House Foundation: Grant Applications

We believe that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not

The Soho House Foundation is an independent charity established by Soho House to fund and empower creative young people and artists from underrepresented and lower socioeconomic backgrounds.
Our 2023 worldwide grant programme is aimed at increasing access to the arts and creative industries for people who face economic or other barriers to inclusion. 
We would like to hear from charitable organisations who are making an impact in this area in communities where Soho House has a presence. 

Important information

We are looking from impactful charitable organisations who have creativity and inclusion at their core, along with a proven track record in programme delivery.  To find out more about the type of work we fund, click here to see some of the programmes we supported in 2022.
Applicant organisations will be assessed on criteria including:
• Their ability to provide transformative opportunities for young creatives
• The way the programme will address inequality of opportunity
• The geographical location of the programme 
• The inclusivity of their organisation 
• Their track record in delivering impactful programmes. 
• The effectiveness of the way their organisation is managed
We prefer to support programmes run by smaller organisations, located in communities close to the point of programme delivery. We do not insist on being the sole funder of a project.  We expect the grant to be used before the end of August 2024. 
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide bursaries or to fund individual artists with this grant programme. However, Soho House offers other separate programmes that may be of interest – click here to find out more.
Our primary focus is on young people from school age to 27 years old – but we are flexible.  We will also fund projects that support creatives of any age who have previously faced social or economic barriers to inclusion and missed out on opportunities to progress.
Americas: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Toronto, Washington DC.
Asia: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Singapore.
Europe/Middle East:  Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Istanbul, Lisbon, Milan, Mykonos, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Zurich.
UK: Brighton, London, Manchester, Oxfordshire, Somerset
We choose to focus our grant-making on charitable organisations that empower creative young people from underrepresented and lower socioeconomic backgrounds. 
We are therefore unable to consider applications from/for:
• Work that is not legally charitable
• Unincorporated organisations
• Organisations without at least three independent trustees or directors
• Organisations without a bank account 
• Grants or bursaries to individuals 
• Work that is in support of a political party or political election process
• The advancement of religion 
• Clinical healthcare
• Animal welfare 
• Sporting activities
• Welfare and leisure projects
• Academic or medical research
• Work outside the geographical or thematic areas specified 
From time to time, we may update this list of exclusions, in the interest of providing clarity for potential applicants. 
February 15: Grant themes announced, expressions of interest invited
May 30: Deadline for expressions of interest
June 15: Eligible organisations invited to proceed to stage 2 of the assessment process
July 10: Deadline for Stage 2 applications
September 1: Applicants informed of outcome of their application
We aim to avoid burdening organisations with a complex application process. We ask for a short initial expression of interest to confirm your organisation’s eligibility. Eligible groups will then be invited to complete an application form describing the impact our grant funding would make for the young creatives your organisation supports.