Soho Works Joint Controller Statement

Joint Controller Statement

Last updated on 20th September 2021

When you use the Soho Works app that connects with The Dots, The Dots has joint control with Soho Works Ltd (‘Soho Works’) over some of your data.

This webpage is intended by The Dots and Soho Works to be the written arrangements between joint controllers as required by data protection laws

What does it mean to be joint controllers?

The Dots and Soho Works jointly decide what some of your data is used for, and what data is shared between them.

When The Dots and Soho Works are joint controllers

When you create or sign in to your account with The Dots using the Soho Works app:

Soho Works helps The Dots verify whether the account details you entered into the app match its records. It also gives your email address to The Dots to complete the form that invites you to sign in or create an account with The Dots.

If you don’t have an account with The Dots yet, Soho Works will make the following information available to The Dots: your first and last name, profile picture, and the office location where you are registered with Soho Works (e.g. Soho Works Shoreditch). The Dots uses this data to complete a draft profile for you with The Dots and add you to relevant groups in the app (e.g. the Soho Works London Group). You can edit your draft profile and any of this data that has been provided to us by Soho Works before creating your account with The Dots.

If you provide The Dots with your seniority, job title and experience as part of creating an account with The Dots, this data may be shared with Soho Works.

When you use the Soho Works app:

The Dots and Soho Works collect analytical information about how you use the app, such as which sections you engage with the most. The Dots provides the technology to capture this data, which is made available to Soho Works via an analytics dashboard. The Dots’ technology will also track errors or issues you encounter while using the app.

Further information

If you have any queries about the ways in which your data is handled when The Dots and Soho Works are joint controllers, you can contact Soho Works here or The Dots here

If you wish to make a subject access request, deletion request or exercise any other rights you have under data protection law, you can contact either Soho Works or The Dots

If you contact Soho Works, then Soho Works leads in responding to you, but may need to check in with The Dots to ensure that it is responding to your query in full. The same goes if you contact The Dots.

You can read Soho Works’ privacy policy here and The Dots’ privacy policy here