Soho House Barcelona


House guidelines


Our Houses are private places

Our members' privacy is very important, so please don't bother anyone you don't know. Posting about fellow members on social media is not allowed.

Keep it casual

We're a members' club for people working in the creative industries and we have a relaxed dress code. Please make sure your guests know this too.

Look after your membership card

Your card is your responsibility and should only be used by you. It cannot be transferred or borrowed by anyone else. If you lose it, please let us know.

Phones and laptops

Communal spaces in the House are phone call-free areas, so please keep your devices on silent. If you need to take or make a call, please do it quietly in the designated area in the stairwell, elevator spaces or balconies on the fifth floor. Please put your laptops away between 12pm and 4pm in our House Kitchen area, after 12pm in the Square Bar, and after 8pm everywhere else. On the rooftop, laptops are allowed until 12pm, except for the pool area. At Cowshed spa, laptops and tablets aren't allowed at any time.

Guests are welcome

Soho House Barcelona members can sign in up to three guests at any time. You are responsible for your guests' behaviour, so please keep an eye on them and make sure they call it a night when you do.

First come, first served

There's generally no need to book but, if you're planning ahead, we do take reservations at House Kitchen on the fifth floor. If you would like to eat with more than three guests, please make a booking in advance.


Soho House Barcelona is a members' club for adults, but those under 18 are welcome on the rooftop until 6pm, and on the fifth floor until 8pm. If you're planning to bring children to the House, remember they count as guests and can only swim until 12pm if they have a Child membership. To enquire about Child membership, email


We don't allow animals at Soho House Barcelona, except for legally recognised service animals.

Soho Health Club

Please note that our gym is for members only, so do not bring guests. This also applies to our steam room on the same floor.

Settling up

We don't offer credit at the Houses, so please pay your bill when you leave

Illegal substances

Any member found to be buying, selling, using or possessing illegal drugs while on House premises will have their membership terminated

These are general guidelines for the House, please refer to our full terms and conditions for further details

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to our reception and member relations teams. They're always happy to help.