What’s Next With Shaquille-Aaron Keith

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The London-based multidisciplinary artist, model and poet shares 27 of his favourite things

‘I like to live a life that can help and inspire others; to live truly in a way that not only just benefits me. I see the world through the eyes of a humble man and I think that’s what keeps me so grounded, and the message in my work so pure. I’m still trying to figure out where I want to be and how I want my life to be lived. 

‘During lockdown I had a chance to reflect and I liked what I found, to my own surprise. It’s given me a new perspective on life. It’s a way of being reborn without actually physically having to do so.’

Seven songs I’m playing at the moment
‘Frontin’’ by Pharrell Williams ft. Jay-Z
‘What’s The Difference’ by Dr. Dre
‘Take It In Blood’ by Nas 
‘The Set Up’ by Nas 
‘Black Girl Lost’ by Nas 
‘Try III’ by Rhakim Ali 
‘Breathe Deeper’ by Tame Impala 

Six favourite items of clothing
Ion boots 
Comme des Garçons blazer 
Vintage store suede patchwork jacket 
Rick Owens jacket 
Wu Wear denim shorts 
Comme des Garçons bag 

Five favourite art pieces 
‘Riding With Death’ by Jean-Michel Basquiat 
‘The Wounded Deer’ by Frida Kahlo 
‘A Self-Portrait Of The Artist As A Shadow Of His Former Self’ by Kerry James Marshall 
‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ by Dorothea Tanning 
‘The Chase To Self-Gratification’ by me

Four favourite books 
The Autobiography Of Malcolm X by Malcolm X 
The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac Shakur
The Black Photo Album by Santu Mofokeng
The Notebooks by Jean-Michel Basquiat 

Three quotes 
‘The wisest man says nothing.’ 
‘The lice on your head bite the hardest.’ 
‘Every rope has an end.’  

Two favourite places to eat 
Roti Joupa in London 
My mother’s house 

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