What’s Next With Tommaso De Sanctis

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The Soho House Rome member and owner of Camillo shares 27 of his favourite things

My family have lived and worked in the famous Piazza Navona square since 1890 and own Camillo, previously known as Caffè Barocco, which I now run. 

‘I wanted my 27 selections to express my attitude and creativity. When I started to understand and accept my chaotic mind, I found a way to channel my creative energy. I’m currently focused on conceptualising a new dining experience in Rome that will challenge the way visitors currently think about food in the city. I’ve always felt that Rome is perceived differently to other European capitals because it’s so deeply steeped in tradition. Hopefully I can change that with my exciting new venture.’

Seven favourite places to eat

Momofuku in New York
Noma in Copenhagen
Every mid-market Chinese restaurant 
Camillo in Rome  
The ramen restaurants in Japan
Pepe In Grani in Caiazzo 

Six-word memoir 
‘Find your chaos to find yourself’ 

Five cities you want to visit 
Mexico City 
Ho Chi Minh 

Four songs I have on repeat 
‘Reunion’ by The xx 
‘Roses’ by Abra
‘Glass’ by Hania Rani 
‘Lady’ (Hear Me Tonight) by Modjo

Three Instagram accounts to follow
@gattodante (my cat)

Two skills I’d like to master
Making sushi 

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