What’s Next With Ian Kenny

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The actor and Dublin member shares 27 of his favourite things

‘My 27 selections represent the simplicity I generally aim to keep in my life, both personally and professionally. The amount of people coveting fame or wealth is at an all-time high, and it can really affect how content a person is. I was raised to not look at what other people have and desire it. It’s not always easy, but I try to focus on my own life and where I’m at, and what I want to do. At the moment, that is to keep busy, work hard, and find the fun side of things.’

Seven local spots in Dublin
The Mongolian Barbeque
Man Of Aran Fudge on George’s Street Arcade 
P. Mac’s pub
Donabate Beach 
Low Rock on the Malahide Coast Road  
Portmarnock Beach 
The local pubs near Portmarnock Beach 

Six-word memoir 
Either auditioning, reading, chatting or procrastinating

Five favourite films 
In Bruges
The Wind That Shakes The Barley 
Harry Potter 

Four essential items 

Three guilty pleasures 
Going to the cinema alone
Unbelievably cheesy pop music 
Pints of beer on a weekday 

Two songs on repeat 
‘The Marino Waltz’ by The Dubliners 
‘Bringing It Back’ by Digga D and AJ Tracey 

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