What’s Next With Hugo Cheng

Smiling man talking to the camera

The photographer and Soho House Hong Kong member shares 27 of his favourite things

With a passion for travel, chasing unique perspectives and creative direction, I’ve travelled across the globe capturing raw moments. Through visual storytelling, I want to inspire people to seek for new adventures and have a positive impact on the world.’

Seven songs on repeat
‘Hold Me’ by Olmos
‘IF U WANT IT’ by Park Hye-jin
‘Closer’ by Lulleaux & Sita 
‘Midnight’ by Alex Lustig
‘Paspatou’ by Parra For Cuva 
‘La Ciudad’ by Odesza 

Six-word memoir

Creative process over perfection, as always

Five restaurants I love
Sale E Pepe, Chelsea, London
Veggie SF, Hong Kong 
Dandy’s Organic Cafe, Hong Kong
Zagin Soba 座銀, Central, Hong Kong
Toni’s on Kloof, Cape Town, South Africa 

Four film-makers I look up to

Three scenic spots
Lion’s Head, Cape Town, South Africa
Wadi Rum, Jordan 
Twin Lagoon, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Two guilty pleasures
I like to eat my burger upside down.
I fancy Spider-Man (with Tom Holland), as it reminds me of myself a lot.

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