What's Next With Andrew Woomer

Man in white t-shirt sat down talking to the camera

The KIDS guitarist and Soho Beach House Miami member shares 27 of his favourite things

‘I’ve had the privilege of travelling all over the world – doing both imagery and music. I’ve been able to connect with amazing people and capture stuff at some incredible places, including Soho Beach House.’

Seven things I like to do in my free time
Going to the beach
Playing basketball and soccer
Going to a good coffee shop
Kicking it with the homies
Hitting the town

Six things I can’t live without
Mini keyboard
Point-and-shoot 35mm camera
AirPods Pro

Five favourite bands
Tears For Fears
Daft Punk
LCD Soundsystem
Arcade Fire
The Strokes

Four favourite spots I’ve been able to shoot at
Machu Picchu, Peru
Costa Rica
Telluride, Colorado
Joshua Tree, California

Three favourite books

The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield
Harry Potter series
The Chronicles Of Narnia

Two favourite cameras
Pentax 6x7
Contax G2


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