What’s Next With Salima Issaoui

Portrait of woman with short curly hair laughing head on hand looking at camera

In Barcelona, self-professed foodie Salima Issaoui is yearning to travel again

‘I’m Salima, a full-time time foodie and founder of skincare brand, Uzza. I was born and raised in Barcelona, but my family are Moroccan. My parents emigrated from Africa to Europe in their early teens. I can’t wait to go back there, it helps me connect with my cultural heritage. As you can imagine, I love a good tagine just as much as I love a Catalan suquet.’

Seven songs on repeat 
‘It’s Only Love That Gets You Through’ by Sade
‘Nahna Oul Amar Jirane’ by Fairuz
‘Munaya’ by Amira Kheir
‘You Look Like Rain’ by Morphine 
‘Lala’ by Shkoon
‘Will You Come Dream’ by Terez Sliman ft. Yazan Ibrahim, Terez Yazan and Friends
‘Surrender’ by Diana Ross

Four items I couldn’t live without 
Solid, the Arabian oud perfume 
Babouches (traditional Moroccan shoes) 
An amazing Berber (beaded) bracelet that I inherited from my grandmother

Four items in my bag 
Another little bag 
Mazhar Garden from Uzza Skincare 
Fenty lip gloss 

Four accounts I follow on Instagram

Three of my favourite books 
La Boheme by Henri Murger 
Divan-I Kabir by Rumi 
One Thousand And One Nights – a collection of Middle-Eastern folk tales 

Three date spots in Barcelona 
Turó Park 
La Boqueria 
Grec Gardens 
Two go-to dinner recipes
Aubergines with lentils and egg
Vegetarian couscous

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