What’s Next With Jesper Theil Thomsen

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The Cities Without Houses member and cofounder of Soundboks, who is based in Copenhagen, shares 27 of his favourite things

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that COVID-19 will soon be a thing of the past. When the world opens up again, I hope we won’t just return to the way things were before: overconsuming and taking things for granted. Instead, I hope that we’ll celebrate and appreciate our ability to travel, meet new people, and live our lives exactly as we want to. The 2020s have been quiet so far because of the pandemic, but collectively we’ll be able to make the remainder of this decade “roar” as loudly as possible.’

Seven favourite date spots in Copenhagen
Apollo Bar at Charlottenborg Palace
Restaurant Mes
Bar Pasta
Osteria 16
Restaurant Twelve*
Duck and Cover

Eight-word memoir
‘I’ve received more death threats than love letters.’

Five things I’d like to learn
Speaking Japanese
Make homemade pasta
Write code
Improve on the piano

Four of my favourite musicians
Nick Cave
Leonard Cohen
Lana Del Rey

Three books I would recommend
Direct Truth by Kapil Gupta
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

Two favourite cities

*This restaurant has now closed.

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