What’s Next With Claire Shaug

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The creative director and Soho House Austin member shares 27 of her favourite things

‘It's funny to think that I’ve been in Austin longer than anywhere in my life. Growing up in 10 countries before the age of 18 made me a digital nomad way before all of the cool kids were doing it. However, I can happily say this city has been my longest permanent address. 

‘I’d say growing up in different countries (and around different cultures) has definitely made me a more curious person. I’ve also come to realise that our commonalities with others outweigh our differences. 

‘I’m a creative director and designer, and I source inspiration from nature mostly, specifically the desert and ocean. Something about it being so vast, raw and quiet, but at the same time chaotic, makes it my ideal creative environment. I also draw inspiration from my peers who are solving complex problems through art and design. Collaborating with and seeing the work they do every day encourages me to push my own creative boundaries.’

Seven songs on repeat 
‘Ojos De Sol’ by Y La Bamba
‘Cowboy Band’ by Jonathan Terrell 
‘Borderline’ (Blood Orange Remix) by Tame Impala
‘So We Won’t Forget’ by Khruangbin
‘Birds Don’t Sing’ by TV Girl 
‘Didn’t Cha Know ‘ by Erykah Badu
‘How Lucky’ by Kurt Vile and John Prine 

Six-word memoir 
‘Infinitely curious, constantly evolving, probably snacking.’

Five favourite countries to visit 
The Netherlands

Four favourite brands 
Understated Leather
Covet Hats by Aimee Speer
Rouje Paris

Three things that are always in your bag 

Two favourite places in Austin 
The Skylark

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