What’s Next With Twiggy Jalloh

Portrait of woman smiling against orange background

The British Vogue beauty and lifestyle journalist, host of the ‘Take Ten With Twiggy’ podcast and 180 House member shares 27 of her favourite things

By Anish Patel

Under 27 member Twiggy Jalloh is a beauty journalist for British Vogue and the podcast host of Take Ten With Twiggy. From wellbeing to lifestyle, she uses her platform to tell unique beauty stories that shine a light on underrepresented communities, as well as to discuss her own experiences as a queer Black British-Sierra Leonean woman living in the UK.

When did you realise that you wanted to work in the beauty and wellness industry? 
‘I didn’t have a lightbulb moment. I had a number of experiences that brought me closer to where I am now: working on my parents’ beauty stall when I was younger, and also at Lush cosmetics and with the beauty team at Refinery29. When it comes to wellness, I’ve always loved making people feel good about themselves, and it usually involves a cosmetic or sensorial experience of some sort.’
Your work often explores your heritage and experiences as a queer Black woman – why is it important to talk about this? 
‘It’s important because it’s who I am. I’ve always found it so beguiling when people are unapologetically themselves – who don’t give a heck what others think about them, and put their culture, identity and lived experience into their work. It’s so beautiful to see. It has a certain energy and vibe that can’t be replicated. Exploring my heritage in my work also increases visibility, and hopefully creates even more opportunities for marginalised people. Being Black and queer is lit too, so I can’t honestly help but explore it in al