Meet our Soho Works workmate, Kenny Mac

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We caught up with the Los Angeles Works member and film producer to discuss his career

Local Soho Works: 9000 Sunset, Los Angeles

We’ve had an interesting year – what’s inspiring you at the moment?
‘During 2020, people were given a moment to slow down and focus, while reality ripped the Band-Aid of complacency off. From that the youth have come to a boil and are taking things into their own hands. That said, the creativity and ingenuity that I’ve seen is most inspiring.’

What are your three essentials for a productive day?
‘Peace, space, and focus.’

What are you currently working on?
‘I’m multitasking between developing a diverse audience marketing strategy practice at Giant Spoon, and continuing to build my new career as a film and TV producer. I’m working with a crew of untapped writers to develop scripts. After a successful albeit challenged launch of my first film Antebellum, I'm excited to follow up with more engaging projects.’

Proudest achievement?
‘My first film Antebellum. COVID-19 and quarantine prevented a traditional launch in theatres. Nonetheless, I’m beyond proud of being part of the team to bring this story to the people, safely streaming in their homes.’

Favourite quote/ words to live by?
‘Anybody can be a boss, but it takes a special person to be a leader.’

What is your favourite area to work in at Soho Works?
‘The whole space is amazing. During quarantine, I’ve felt most comfortable working from the round table on the second floor. However, once things are back to a safe normal, I have my eye on the booth in front of the cafe.’