Ria Hebden

A woman smiling holding a cue card

The White City House member and ITV presenter, who presents 'All Around Britain' and the entertainment news on 'Lorraine', shares an episode of her podcast, featuring guest Jo Malone

‘This episode of The Wonder Women podcast (which I present and produce) with global entrepreneur Jo Malone CBE is one of my favourite episodes – not least because it took me over a year to set up! Talking to Jo was such a great opportunity to get inside the mind on someone who, yes, has achieved incredible success, but more interestingly, has this phenomenal, innate skill and ability to create the most wonderful scents, despite experiencing extreme adversity during her childhood, and a battle with cancer in her adult life.

‘In the inspirational podcast, Jo shares an abundance of wisdom that she’s accrued throughout her life and career, and it’s her fighting spirit and pragmatic outlook on life that makes her such an interesting person to interview. How many people do you know have turned down selling their business for £1m knowing that the best was yet to come?’