Adam Moco aka Miss Moço

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Soho House Toronto’s favourite drag queen, Miss Moço, takes us through her pre-show routine

Miss Moço, a professional drag queen, photographer and the owner of Miss Pippa’s cafe, is an ‘international wig-snatching diva, serving legs and face for days.’ She recently returned to Toronto from Lisbon, where she lived for several years and launched the annual Miss Drag Lisboa pageant. When she’s travelling, her favourite House to visit is Soho House Berlin. ‘It’s one of my favourite cities in the world, and the rooftop pool view is amazing,’ she says. 

Here, Miss Moço tells us how she gets ready for her beloved Drag Brunches at Soho House Toronto and the Gladstone Hotel.

Rise and shine
‘As soon as I wake up, I hop out of bed and go straight to the shower before shaving.’

Put on the kettle
‘After my shower and shave, I always make a cup of tea. My go-to is peppermint tea with honey.’

Glam time
‘I sit down to do my make-up, which takes about one and a half hours. Fun fact: I’ve turned my linen closet into my cosmetics station to keep the mess contained in an easy-to-hide place. My favourite products are the Smashbox primer and setting spray. It feels like I’m putting on armour before I start and when I finish.’ 

Outfit planning
‘I should pack the night before and make life easier, but I often get inspired while doing my make-up for a performance and run around throwing things in my suitcase. 
‘The song choices I’m doing usually dictate my outfit choices. For example, if I’m doing a slower/ dramatic song (Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” is my go-to), I like to feel glamorous and wear a gown. It’s usually something I can’t go too wild in, so it’s perfect for a ballad.’

Hit the road
‘As soon as I’m ready (or time is running out), I throw on my heels and run out the door.’