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The neuropsychologist and Soho House Istanbul member on the books that have shaped him

‘Since birth, I’ve always had difficulty in perceiving the world. Having improved my abstract thinking skills finally, the very first questions that I can remember were: “Why do I exist and what should I do with the meaning of my name?” 

‘My name means “rainbow” in Turkish. And my last name means “who loves...” What I understood from this sentence, and what I took for granted, was the necessity to exist with all my colours – to be fair in the world and do something for humanity, just like the rainbow showing itself generously to everyone.

‘There are three books that guide me in my life and influence me. The first of these is Yeşil Bayır, a children’s novel by Sulhi Dölek, in which he discusses the relationship between social class differences. ‘Hermann Hesse’s masterpiece, Siddhartha, is the second one. It perfectly describes existence through action and search. 

‘And the third one is Albert Camus’s novel, The Stranger, which causes me to feel that there’s a mismatch between the universe in which he lives like a crab and the universe he wants to live in.’