Lilian von Trapp

Portrait of woman sat side on in chair smiling

The Berlin-based jewellery designer discusses her approach to sustainable sourcing and shares the pieces she can’t live without

Lilian von Trapp is a Berlin-based jewellery designer and the founder of her eponymous brand, which produces ethically made designer pieces from recycled gold, as well as  vintage and Diamond Foundry diamonds. 

Originating from von Trapp’s vision of recycling family heirlooms, the brand has become synonymous with fair practice and sustainable production, both in its native Germany and beyond. On top of circumventing traditional gold and diamond mining industries, the designer donates 2% of all proceeds to the Earthbeat Foundation. This helps to counter the long-term damage of mining, while enabling affected Third World communities to grow independently from industrial exploitation.

When she’s travelling, von Trapp loves to spend time at Soho Beach House Miami. ‘I was there during Art Basel in 2019 and didn’t want to leave,’ she says. ‘The vibe in the House, the nearby private beach and pool – it had everything. I can’t wait to go back hopefully at the end of this year.’

Here, she takes us through the jewellery pieces she can’t live without.

My engagement ring and wedding band
‘These became part of me after my wedding. I made them myself, and my husband proposed with the diamond so I could create my own ring from it. I am still so in love, with him and the ring.’

‘I love simple hoops – they just go with everything. Our wire creoles go from super small to extra large and work with whatever you wear. A pair of creoles has a similar effect as red lipstick – they give you that extra bit of sexiness.’

A necklace (or two, or three…)
‘For whenever you need a little bit of laid-back glamour. I love to combine several gold chains with diamond chains, and wear them with a simple white T-shirt and jeans. That’s my uniform.’

Recycled or lab-grown gems
‘I want to create jewellery that’s not only beautifully designed, but also ethically sourced, without any harm to people or the environment. That’s why I use only recycled gold, vintage diamonds, and lab-grown diamonds from the Diamond Foundry.’