Samya Hafsaoui

A woman giving a talk

The Soho House Amsterdam member, journalist and presenter shares an episode of a recent podcast, ‘Stories Of Young’

Working in TV, print, music and theatre, Samya Hafsaoui’s interviews and op-eds have been published in Dutch Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Glamour. Starting out at the longest-running talk show in the country, she quickly moved to hosting her own programme on national TV in 2019, called Na Het Nieuws

Following her passion for fiction, Hafsaoui published her first novel 36 Vragen (en heel veel koffie) on Wattpad in 2020, along with her screenwriting debut for Dutch producer NL Film’s web series, Vakkenvullers. She also has multiple projects currently in development for 2021, including writing a new musical for the legendary Amsterdam-based theatre DeLaMar. 

Her favourite Soho House? ‘Amsterdam. It’s super cliche, but it does feel like a second home due to the wonderful staff and member community,’ she says.  

Below, listen to Hafsaoui as a guest on the Stories Of Young podcast. ‘I chose this podcast interview, because I was able to touch on all the things that I stand for in my work (especially equity and positive representation) with the amazing host, Ashlee Janelle.’