Valentina Hernandez

A woman at a beauty counter

The Soho Beach House Miami member and founder of Sana Skin Studio fills us in on her go-to skincare routine

Valentina Hernandez is the founder of Sana, a new Miami-based skincare studio that aims to shift your relationship with your skin and products through ‘goal-driven facials, real guidance, and clean skincare.’ As a Miami resident, Soho Beach House is her favorite House to visit. ‘Miami is my home and the Soho Beach House is our little sanctuary,’ she says. ‘I love recharging at the beach and watching the sunset at Ocho.’

Here, Hernandez shares her go-to tips for healthy skin – a six-step process that she calls the ‘Sana Six Step Routine.’ 

‘Cleansing is the most essential step in a proper skincare routine. At Sana, we recommend a double cleanse, which means starting off your cleansing ritual with an oil cleanser to melt away make-up and SPF, then following up with a second cleanse to remove any impurities.’

‘Toners bring back any moisture your skin lost after cleansing. It’s an essential step to rebalance the skin and help the other products in your routine absorb better. However, make sure you’re using a hydrating, nourishing toner without harsh ingredients like alcohol.’ 

‘Once a week, indulge in an exfoliating enzyme peel or a purifying mask. Detoxifying, skin-calming face masks can be powerful healers in your weekly regime. A mask sits on the skin longer than a cleanser, giving active ingredients more time to work. Use them every time congestion or dullness appears to help keep skin balanced and happy.’

‘Think of serums as skin superfoods. Usually a lighter consistency than oils (which is why they should be applied after toning), serums are filled with concentrated active ingredients that help you reach your skin goals.’

‘Hydrated skin is happy skin. Whether you gravitate towards face oils or moisturizers, keeping your hydration levels balanced will result in less breakouts and prevent ageing.’ 

‘Always finish off with an SPF to protect your skin from sun damage and environmental pollutants. Make sure you use a sunscreen that’s free from harmful toxins and endocrine disruptors. They’re better for our health and our oceans.’

Two last tips for the road…

Love your skin
‘Skin is a reflection of our journey. There will be ups and occasional downs, and that’s OK. Shift your inner dialogue and give yourself permission to be exactly who you are.’ 

Create a monthly skincare ritual
‘Our skin cells regenerate every 28 days. Getting regular facials will not only help keep your skin clear and healthy, but they also allow you to take time each month for a much-needed dose of self-care. At Sana, our monthly membership offers an ongoing support system on your skin journey.’