Olivier Geraghty and Ollie Trenchard

Two men laughing.

Shoreditch House committee members, O.G Studios Creative Director Olivier Geraghty and photographer Ollie Trenchard, give their tips on curating a perfect photo

Represent yourself 
‘A perfect photo has an aesthetic that represents the person taking the picture. The photographer’s identity is what’s really important. You could have the same subject, the same styling, all the details being the same, but no two pictures would look the same because of the photographer’s stamp on it.’ 

Assess the symmetry and negative space 
‘We love placing subjects in a frame and using the surroundings and the architecture, and forming beautiful shapes within a frame. We take heavy influence from brutalist architecture and Bauhaus creatives.’
A man wearing an orange beanie hat.
A man laughing on a street.
Embrace mistakes 
‘Experiment. Mistakes help you refine your techniques, allowing you to find new solutions that could actually work in a better way.’ 

Be your own biggest critic and your own biggest fan 
‘You’ve got to be harsh with yourself and know where you can improve. But you’ve also got to be kind to yourself and be like, actually, this is dope, when it really is. Celebrate it being good when it’s good.’