Chiara Hunter

A blurred photo of a woman in a green coat

The High Road House member is a singer-songwriter who will be releasing music under her new alias, JONIE, next year. Listen to her Morning Noon Night playlist below, and read more about her day in music

‘For the morning, if I’m at home, I like a little bit of jazz, or something chilled out like Dope Lemon or The Japanese House. If I’m going to the studio, I need some melancholic emo pop songs for staring out of train windows. I recently discovered Kelsey Lu’s cover of “I’m Not In Love,” which makes me feel like I’m in a movie. “Guilty Conscience” by 070 Shake is my song of the year. It has soundtracked many a journey across London and seems to suit most of my moods. 

‘For the afternoon, some Jorja Smith and Kllo to ease me through the day. Empress Of is a new favourite, too – “Give Me Another Chance” has been on high rotation the past few months.  

‘I like to start the evening with some bouncy house mixed in with some classics. Or something from Pa Salieu and Shygirl to make me feel like I’m getting ready to go out (even if I’m really just going to pop a bottle of Campo Viejo in the living room with my roommates, as has been the reality recently). Anything by Channel Tres brings the appropriate vibe. And on the rare occurrences I’ve been able to party with my friends this year, it’s basically a rule that we play “Rain On Me” at least once every hour. I’m not lying when I say Chromatica single-handedly saved me during lockdown, and brought endless joy and escapism to an otherwise pretty heavy year. 

‘Finally, some Herbie Hancock and Dusty to wind down and feel fancy.’

Listen to the whole playlist on Spotify here.