Annie Robinson

A woman smiling and climbing into a camper van

The Soho Farmhouse member and travel photographer shares the images that made her career

‘It was fun to consider how different places and moments have influenced what I like capturing as a photographer now,’ says Annie Robinson. ‘Goodness, it makes me desperate to get back on the road – hopefully soon!’

Agra, India
‘From an early age, I've always been desperate to explore the world, and I started backpacking for a few months each year in 2012. By 2018, during a trip to India, armed with my first DSLR and tripod, I fell in love with trying to capture the beauty of far-flung destinations. My aim has always been to inspire other young women to get out there too.’

Mount Bromo, Indonesia
‘Three flights, a three-hour car trip, two-hour ferry, and nine-hour bus ride brought me here, to Mount Bromo, Indonesia. With this phenomenal moonscape before me, and with things starting to take off on social media, I realised it was time to make my passionate hobby of travel blogging my professional priority.’

A woman stood under an arch
Some mountains

Siargao, the Philippines
‘As I began working with brands as a content creator, I found myself travelling around the palmed paradise that is Siargao with three other creators – one of whom happened to be a drone photographer. Immediately noticing just how few women are into drone photography, I found my new passion, buying a Mavic Pro Platinum and working with PolarPro.’

Yasawa Islands, Fiji
‘Launching my drone high above the Yasawas in Fiji has got to be my travel blogging highlight to date. This ended up being my first-ever photo in print, purchased by National Geographic.’

A woman standing in a tropical field
A tropical ocean

Essex, UK
‘Then COVID-19 happened. Presented with the unique opportunity of being forced to explore our own backyard more, I set about trying to find the most interesting landscapes the UK has to offer – by scrolling Google Earth, of all things. Now diversifying into more aerial art, I've been inspired to find more places that may look like nothing at ground level, but somehow beautifully merge abstract art with nature from above.’

An aerial view of a river