Ed Barrow

A man in a white t-shirt and red cap sitting on the stairs

Electric House member and Global Head of Sales at Aimé Leon Dore Ed Barrow breaks down his everyday uniform into the pieces he can’t live without

A hat
‘The DIY trim is still growing back from Lockdown 1.0…’

‘I’m listening to as many podcasts as possible. Hit me up with recommendations!’

Long-sleeve tees
‘The ones we make are the perfect daily wears – so easy to throw on.’
Some trainers on a white background
Corduroy trousers
‘I recently picked some up from Uniqlo, and they’re super comfortable. I am trying to avoid going full sweatpants-and-hoodie so I don’t fall out of routine.’

‘I have too many sneakers. So many I have been banned from getting anymore for the rest of the year (sorry Amber), but we did a collaboration with New Balance on the 990 V5s – they have polar fleece in sole and they’re really comfortable!’

A white t-shirt
‘Under everything. You can’t go wrong.’