Rebecca Minkoff

A stylish woman crossing the street and smiling at the camera

The fashion designer and DUMBO House member shares the five clothing items she can’t live without

Rebecca Minkoff is a New York-based fashion designer and the cofounder of her eponymous clothing brand. She launched her company in 2001 with a five-piece capsule collection, which included her now-famous take on the ‘I Love New York’ T-shirt. Since then, the brand has become a ‘destination where functionality, modern femininity and the current cultural moment converge’, with stores in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Korea. 

Here, she takes us through her daily uniform and the clothing items she can’t live without.

‘My daily uniform might seem like a plug for, you guessed it… me. But sorry, I make most of my must-have dream pieces, so here we go.’

‘First up, jeans. Yes, after months of stretch, I am back to wearing denim. I have a nice collection of Levi’s and also some Madewell pieces that I was shocked to see fit me really well.’

‘I’m usually in one of our famous Janine sweatshirts (they come hooded and as a crew neck now). And then, of course, my Oliver leather jacket and my Jett Boxy Crossbody bag.’ 

‘Finally, my shoes are usually the classic black and white checked Vans, or studded Birks from Barneys, RIP.’