How to make Soho House Mumbai's Millionaire cocktail

a pink cocktail with flower garnish

Soho House Mumbai bars manager Aditya Jain shares the recipe for the House favourite 

By Kate Lough    Sunday 23 December, 2018

The drinks menu at Soho House Mumbai is all about the classics - with a few twists here and there. 'There's a real focus on local flavours and what India does,' says bars manager, Aditya Jain.  

Spiced grapefruit is charged with prosecco in the Millionaire cocktail - here's how to make it at home. It's time to get shaking...


For the spiced grapefruit cordial:
Spoonful of local spices
500ml grapefruit juice
500g caster sugar
10g citric acid

For the drink:
25ml Grey Goose
25ml spiced grapefruit cordial
15ml pomegranate juice
4 sage leaves

Edible flower


For the spiced grapefruit cordial:
Add everything to a pan and heating slowly on a low heat, to infuse the spices and dissolve the sugar.

Once flavour has been added and sugar has dissolved, take off heat and let cool. Bottle and store in a cool place. 

To make the cocktail
Add in all ingredients (except the prosecco) to a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake. 

Double strain into a coupe glass, then top with prosecco.


Image by Himanshu Lakhwani
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