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In the summer of 2020 we published Our pledge, a list of commitments addressing racial injustice in effort to make Soho House a more inclusive and representative space for people from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.

Collecting feedback from our teams, members and independent advisors, we outlined new standards of representation, education and accountability across all levels of our business. 

We’re committed to seeing this work through to fruition, and including our teams and members in the journey by publishing our progress as we go.

We will ensure that at least 20% of our current 70 most senior global roles (directors and above) are held by BIPOC leaders by the end of 2022.

We will increase BIPOC representation across all departments, especially in underrepresented areas such as operations, membership, finance, and creative.

We will gather more accurate global data to track the diversity of our membership base, add diversity information to Salesforce and the SH.APP, and communicate why it's needed. 

We will appoint both global and regional BIPOC membership committees to improve the diversity of our community, lead local outreach, and advise on in-house initiatives to better support the BIPOC member experience. 

We commit to 50% BIPOC representation in all our Soho Works Workmates committees.

We will invite BIPOC contributors to help shape the focus of the editorial stories we tell at Soho House – not just be the subject of our features. We will continuously celebrate BIPOC culture through our events programming, editorial content, food, art, and music. 

We will revamp our recruitment practices: monitoring diversity data, ensuring an inclusive employer brand, and implementing skills and behaviour-based assessments to take bias out of the process. 

We will advertise every manager role and above with at least one diverse network or jobs board to attract BIPOC talent, ensuring all manager roles recruit from a diverse candidate pool. 

We will give all teams mandatory unconscious bias and anti-racism training tailored to regional nuances to drive cultural change and better recruitment practices.

We will include mandatory diversity and inclusion training for all new hires during the orientation process. 

We will hire external consultants and experts to conduct research and share best practices on internal culture. 

We will review and implement policies and guidelines that protect our teams and encourage reporting of harassment, bullying and sexual misconduct of all kinds. As with members, we will uphold full investigations and zero tolerance on racism/ microaggressions directed at our teams. 

We will provide mental health resources tailored specifically to BIPOC employees.

We will require all members and our teams to sign a commitment to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We will exercise a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying. 

We will establish an internal steering committee to ensure our diversity and inclusion values are reflected in our global expansion strategy. 

We will support and sponsor employee resource groups (ERGs), voluntary employee-led groups that foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with our organisational mission.

We will revamp our Let Us Know campaign to report issues of harassment, bullying and discrimination in a more anonymous way, i.e. establish a digital platform to report issues anonymously, to be reviewed by a third party. 

We will review and rewrite our House Style and Grooming guidelines to ensure they are inclusive and culturally respectful. 

We will hire an external company to conduct research and observation on our internal culture and practices. 

We will introduce sponsored merit-based memberships for young BIPOC creatives around the world selected by our regional BIPOC committees. 

Community engagement
We will engage with the wider community to physically and financially support the areas around our Houses. 

We will forge new partnerships with BIPOC-owned businesses that share our values. 

We will address the diversity of our House and food and beverage suppliers, with a goal of 30% to come from the BIPOC community. 


We will hire a Director of Diversity and Inclusion, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief People Officer, to lead a global team in providing essential in-house expertise. 

We will publish an annual diversity report that will summarise our progress and highlight underrepresentation. 

We will conduct an annual employee survey to gain an ongoing understanding of the employee experience and to continually improve our culture. 

We will require every manager/ director (and above) to sign onto measurable objectives for diversity and inclusion. 

We will conduct gender and racial pay-gap analysis to highlight underrepresentation.